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Photo of disabled woman working on a laptop in residential facility for the developmentally disabled


Upstate Pharmacy specializes in providing medications and supplies to residential group homes for people with developmental disabilities and emotional challenges across western New York. Our team of helpful, friendly pharmacists, technicians and drivers understands your needs and challenges.
“I have been working with Upstate Pharmacy since 2009. During this time Upstate has shown itself to be responsive to the needs of our programs, including customizing various medication forms, ordering special items, and packaging medications as needed for use in school, program and residential setting.

"Upstate has been competitive in their pricing and provided customer service that is prompt and courteous. They currently provide services to programs that cover a large geographic area and are always willing to assist in any pharmaceutical needs that arise. Upstate has been flexible in adapting to our systems and forms rather than requiring us to completely adapt to theirs.”
Sheila Miller-Serafin
Medication and Medical Systems Manager
Hillside Children's Center, Rochester NY
Our nurse consultant has an extensive background in residential facilities just like yours. She is available to answer your questions and concerns and as a sounding board for ideas. She excels at solving problems with procedures, system difficulties, and form development.
“Upstate Pharmacy has been a wonderful service and resource to our agency. They are very accommodating and helpful. Ted and his staff are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best service possible.”
Becky Uhteg
RN Coordinator
SASI, Buffalo NY
Our very own team of drivers is trained to be responsive and helpful. They work with you to make sure you receive deliveries when you need them. If you need a medication as soon as possible, they have the capability to deliver it to you for administring with three hours of Upstate Pharmacy receiving the physician's order.

Upstate Pharmacy Specialty Services include:
  • Your choice of packaging, blister packs, vials, etc.
  • Your choice of MARS.
  • Cycle fills.
  • Medication information sheets.
  • Routine floor stock items provided at a reduced cost.
  • Return of non-controlled medications within 90 days, including half-tablets.
  • Medication reviews at no charge.
  • Teams of drivers with delivery twice a day.
  • Support of general agency fund and nursing development.
Have a question or concern that is not addressed here? Please review our Frequently Asked Questions or just contact us. We are happy to help.

Contact Upstate Pharmacy today to discuss your medication and delivery needs!

Upstate Pharmacy Ltd is a pharmacy service that delivers cancer medications for oncology patients directly to their homes and medications and supplies to residential programs for people with developmental disabilities and emotional challenges throughout the Buffalo and Rochester NY regions.