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We want a pharmacy service that understands IRA group homes and large disable residential program facilities. My cancer patients need a pharmacy service whose staff specializes in cancer treatments. We need one pharmacy service to handle all our residential program locations across western NY.

Pharmacy Services For
Residential Programs


This image shows a caregiver and a disabled man in a wheelchair enjoying a laugh together.


Upstate Pharmacy specializes in serving residential programs such as ICFs, IRAs, RTFs, RTCs, JJS and community residences for people with developmental disabilities and emotional challenges.

Our nurse consultant has an extensive background in residential facilities just like yours. Contact her today! [ Read More ]

Pharmacy Services for Your
Oncology Patients


This image shows a doctor and patient discussing her treatment for cancer.


Upstate Pharmacy focuses on providing your oncology patients with timely delivery of their medications directly to their homes.

We have all currently available oral and injectable specialty oncology medications for your patients. Our caring pharmacists specialize in cancer treatments.
[ Read More ]